A Pilgrim at Thanksgiving: In Person


Available for your donation of $10,000

2021 marks the 400th anniversary of the First Thanksgiving. If you can’t come see the Pilgrims, one of them will visit you! Commemorate this historic event with a truly unique experience (we’re only offering one) of having a Pilgrim in your home on Thanksgiving Day. The Pilgrim (you can choose from a list we will send) will attend your Thanksgiving dinner in person, say grace for dinner, answer your questions about life in Plymouth Colony and sing a psalm or two with you if you like. If you would like them to stay in character they will, or at some point they can come out of character - and answer questions from a modern perspective - your choice.

Please contact Ellie Donovan, Executive Director, to discuss this special package in more detail at (508) 746-1622 x8362 or email edonovan@plimoth.org. Donations can be made by credit card, check, stock transfer, pledges, donor advised funds, and other methods that suit you.

The Fine Print
Only one of these programs is offered. Available in the contiguous 48 states. Price includes travel and accommodations for the Pilgrim.

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